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Heald College (1863 –2015) was a private for-profit business–career college with its main campus in San Francisco, California.It offered courses in the fields of healthcare, business, legal, and technology.Get the Heald College fake certificate for purchase.

Beginning in 2012, it also offered full online degrees. Heald College was owned by Corinthian Colleges, a for-profit education company that also operated Everest College and WyoTech. Heald College closed for good when Corinthian Colleges shuttered all of their campuses on April 27, 2015. At the time of its closure, the college had campuses in twelve cities, in addition to its online program.How to get the Heald College fake degree?

The college was founded in San Francisco, California, by Edward Payson Heald, on August 8, 1863, and known for many years as “Heald’s Business College”.

In 1875, due to demand for training in mining and civil engineering, Heald created “The School of Engineering and Mining” located at 425 McAllister Street. In 1913 the McAllister Street location was purchased by the City of San Francisco to become the new City Hall. At that time Heald moved the school into a new building at Van Ness and Post where it remained until August 1983, when the Engineering College Division was closed, and the Heald Technical Division was relocated to a new facility at Yerba Buena West.Where to buy a fake Heald College diploma?

In 2001, it changed its name from Heald Colleges to Heald College. In 2007, the then non-profit institution was acquired by a private investor group and turned into a for-profit college.

In November 2009, Corinthian Colleges, Inc. purchased Heald College’s parent company for $395 million, simultaneously announcing plans to begin in 2011 offering online-only courses leading to degree programs based entirely on online coursework. However, Corinthian planned to retain the Heald name, as well as its faculty and staff.

In 2015, due to findings by the Department of Education of misrepresented job placement rates in certain programs at Corinthian Colleges, including Heald, after July 2010, the department made students of these programs eligible to have their debts cancelled if they submitted an attestation form. Corinthian was assessed a fine of $30 million, and shut down all its campuses, including Heald, on April 27, 2015.


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