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Columbus State University is a public university in Columbus, Georgia. Founded as Columbus College in 1958, the university was established and is administered by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.The Safest Site to Order your Columbus State University Fake Diploma.

The university was first called Columbus College when it opened as a junior college in a hosiery mill in 1958. The college was staffed by fifteen faculty and staff and almost three hundred students attended courses in the first year.How to make a Fake Columbus State University Degree?Columbus College relocated to the midtown area in 1963, building a campus defined by modern architecture on what was previously a dairy farm. The school was granted four-year status in 1965 with offerings of bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The first four-year class graduated in 1970.Fake high school Certificate and Transcripts for sale.In 1996 the school was renamed Columbus State University as part of a program to restructure four-year institutions within the state’s university system. The school now offers undergraduate and graduate programs in more than ninety academic disciplines. As of the 2010 academic year, the university enrolled more than 8,200 students. In early 2007, the art and theatre departments moved to the university’s newly built RiverPark Campus in downtown Columbus. The complex was designed to provide students of the fine arts with a tightly-knit living community and larger studios, laboratories, and galleries. The Schwob School of Music is housed in the adjacent RiverCenter for the Performing Arts.Frank Brown was President of Columbus State University from 1988-2008. Prior to holding this office, he was Vice President for Business Affairs. In August 2008, Tim Mescon became president, and in 2015 Chris Markwood became president.

CSU’s main campus is located in suburban Columbus at the intersection of Interstate 185 and GA-85. This campus houses the majority of the university’s academic and athletic departments. Notable buildings include the Simon Schwob Memorial Library, the Center for Commerce and Technology, the D. Abbott Turner College of Business, and the Frank G. Lumpkin Jr. Center which is home to the athletic department.The Japanese Saturday School of Columbus – Georgia (コロンバス(GA)補習授業校 Koronbasu (GA) Hoshū Jugyō Kō) has its office in the Howard Building at the university, and it conducts its classes at the university. As of 2005 classes are held at the Howard Building.


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