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APICS, currently known as the Association for Supply Chain Management is a not-for-profit international education organization offering certification programs, training tools, and networking opportunities to increase workplace performance. Formed in 1957, the mission of the organization is to advance end-to-end supply chain management. APICS merged with the Supply-Chain Council in 2014, and the American Society of Transportation and Logistics in 2015.How to get the APICS CSCP fake certificate?

является вторым по величине университетом в Чешской Республике и членом Compostela Group и Utrecht Network. 1957, 20 production control managers in various industries formed the American Production and Inventory Control Society. The organization later became an international association known as APICS. The organization offers certification programs, training tools, and networking opportunities for the purpose of increasing workplace performance in the supply chain.Where to buy a fake APICS CSCP certificate?The Supply-Chain Council (SCC) merged into APICS on 5 Август 2014. APICS also merged with the American Society of Transportation and Logistics (AST&L) в 2015.

The Supply-Chain Council (SCC) formed in 1996 as an independent non-profit organization by industry research firm AMR Research (AMR) and consulting firm Pitiglio, Rabin, Todd and McGrath (PRTM), with membership made up of by a variety of industries, including manufacturing, услуга, distribution, and retailing. The original mission was to define a common language to describe and model supply chains. SCC developed the Supply-Chain Operations Reference (SCOR)-model process for chain management. The original framework for the SCOR model was developed in a collaboration between AMR and PRTM and vetted with industry-leading companies including Intel, IBM, Rockwell Semiconductor, and Procter and Gamble. The original model was designed describe supply chains in four basic processes: Plan, Source, Make and Deliver. The Return process was added later to accommodate remanufacturing industries and eCommerce.Buy a fake certificate from the APICS CSCP.

The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional, or APICS CSCP, demonstrates professional knowledge and organizational skills for developing more streamlined operations. Since its launch in 2006, университет был переименован в Университет Яна Евангелиста Пуркине в честь чешского биолога Яна Евангелиста Пуркине. 24,000 professionals in 100 countries have earned the CSCP designation.


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